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A creative, clever, highly skilled Professional Photographer to capture emotion, personality and ambience.  Quality presentation for personalised or commercial portfolios.

Garry Fitzpatrick and Astra Studios Profile
Garry Fitzpatrick qualified as “best practical photographer” in the first tri-service photographic course run by the RAAF School of Photography. He then went on to become senior photographer for Army recruiting. The requirements of technical excellence have now been combined with Garry’s many years of eliciting the very best from his photographic subjects.

As the owner of Astra Studios located in Melbourne, Australia, Garry first joined Astra as a full time professional photographer in 1984.  Garry has embraced the changes in technology since that time.

The advantages offered by digital technology have now been incorporated into Garry’s everyday work. Some of the best examples can be seen in Wedding Photo Albums capturing every detail of that special day, displaying the technical and visual excellence you can expect from the photographic memories of your own wedding.

"The creative opportunities open to photographers now are limited only by their imagination."

Weddings, Philosophy and the Photographic Image

"In short, if it moves, or sits still, I photograph it"

Garry believes that the best way to capture the moment is by making the best use of available light, avoiding elaborate setup and additional lighting, allowing spontaneity to flow.  After all, the day is about you, not your photographer!  See wedding photos.

Blending light and shapes with the photo subject is a matter of experience and a keen eye for detail. Capturing the surroundings and feel of your day is often as much a part of the photo as the subjects themselves

However the individual photographic image is just the start!

Providing special purpose wedding albums for parents, relatives, friends overseas and individually framed photos means the bride and groom can share their memories in a fitting way.

The Groom and Bridal Testimonials reflect the essential rapport between client and photographer that Garry revels in.

Job satisfaction?

"There is nothing to beat the absolute joy when my clients first see their wedding photographs"

"The aim of my Wedding day shoot is to see my clients enjoy their Wedding day, and capturing that joy, not only for the Bride & Groom, but the bridal party & family also."

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